RPV’s latest acquisition to the Group is the Industrial Blasting and Coatings division which is carried out in a bespoke building by staff with over 40 years experience. This new division enables greater control over orders offering quick turnaround, meeting customer’s delivery requests. Having this division also enables RPV to offer the full package from stocking valves, modification, all types of pressure testing to blasting and coating for sizes ¼” to 48”


All valves and associated equipment is fully prepared prior to blasting. Specific blasting tape is applied to all critical areas including ends, stem, threads, gland areas and nameplates to prevent damage and the ingress of blasting shot.


Shot blasting is carried out in a large bespoke housed unit 6mx 3m which recycles the blast media. All products unless specifically requested by customer is shot blasted to Swedish standard 2 ½ using aluminium oxide shot eliminating rust from steel shot resulting in  a profile finish of between 40 and 100 microns.


Paint is applied by wet coat system from primer only through to multi coats in accordance with customer’s specifications. Three dry back spray booths, each with their own extraction provides quick seamless production times between each coat.

Curing and baking oven

A 2 ½ x 2m gas recirculating oven can be used to enhance curing times for larger batches.

The oven is also used for powder coat finishes, stove enamelling and plastics.

Inspection and calibration

Inspection is carried out after shot blasting using a calibrated surface profile gauge. Humidity, temperature and dew point is monitored using a calibrated gauge.

Inspection is carried out after each coat. Thickness is measured using a calibrated DFT gauge. Upon request pull off tests can be performed.

Upon completion of final inspection, it is de-masked and a paint report issued detailing the processes carried out and consumables used. Upon request third party inspections can carry out witnessing of any or all of the processes and paint report endorsed.

Each painted product is wrapped and carefully packed to ensure customers receive in pristine condition.